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Artist's Statement


For several years I worked as a graphic designer. The focus of my work changed, however, when I was told that my paternal grandmother had been Native American. All of a sudden the sewing and beading work done by my paternal aunts when I was a child took on new meaning. My work then took a different, and exciting for me, direction.

As an artist I have no desire to revisit and emulate work done in the past. Instead, I am committed to learning about early cultural designs, methods and skills. This acquired knowledge is reflected in my own contempory art.

Native American works of fiber art, like the fiber art of other cultures, always embody storytelling. My fiber art, too, continues to tell tales but with a new voice. The stories told are usually the ones we need to hear. And, importantly, the stories we need to tell. My designs includes two-dimensional pieces, sculptures and installations, and honor the significance of womens' hands in the history of art and design.

Inquiries regarding my principle work - studio offerings and commissioned projects - can be made by contacting me directly.

Pieces available for public sale are completed spontaneously and made available at the Napatree Online Store.



Northfield, Minnesota