Artist's Statement:

Trained as, and working as, a graphic designer in Connecticut, a visit to Textile Center in Minneapolis was the impetus for my experimenting in the area of textile pieces and their design. And so began the start, of my passion for the fiber arts.

Having great appreciation for the work done by other women’s hands, old scraps of lace or embroidery, work that had received little or no recognition when it was being done, I often include their work, in my work. Work that regularly includes fabric from something that is being discarded; I embrace the idea of, and the act of, recycling in what I am working on. What I construct can often be referred to as a ‘quilt’ as I stitch through three layers on paper or fabric.

I also enjoy stitching and beading on what I have painted, be it fabric or paper. I find embroidery thread changes the color of paint, provides light and texture. My pieces also include beading which provides the same texture and light.  It is a pleasure for me to capture the integrity of a design, the dignity of a living organism. In working with fiber, there exists no distance, no brush or pen, from what I am working on with my hands.


  • Gustavus Adolphus College BS – St, Peter, MN
  • University of Hartford (Hartford Art School) Graphic Design and Advertising -  Bloomfield, CT
  • Wesleyan University – MALS – Middletown, CT
  • University of Minnesota – Surface Design Studies